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 Thank you to the NMAI Committee.

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PostSubject: Thank you to the NMAI Committee.   Fri Jan 25, 2013 12:11 am

Hello all,
I would just like to put a little note together to thank the Committee of the NMAI. I have served as a member of the committee for the past few years and in that time I have learnt an awful lot. I was meant to attend my final meeting this evening, however work got in the way again so I never had a chance to formally thank the NMAI Committee before I departed my role. The NMAI Committee as you know are completely voluntary and work very hard for all Microlighters in Ireland whilst also working full time day jobs and juggling family time and responsibilities. My role on the committee was a small one and really did not take up too much time. However others on the committee put in a huge effort (including building NMAI Tech office onto their house) for no personal gain in the interests of all of us. It was during this time that I was extremely impressed with the professionalism which I witnessed, some of the committee members would be worth their weight in gold if in the IAA and I am sure if they were in the UK would be snapped up by the CAA.
I don't honestly know how they do it, walking through a political mine field, banging their heads sometimes against a brick wall, and still coming back for more. A huge amount has been achieved over the past few years and as a member of the NMAI I am very grateful. There are still a few items on the wish list and I know that the Committee will continue to fight hard until it is achieved.
So as I stand down to allow fresh blood to come on board I would like to thank the following people, present and past committee members for their friendship, help and support : Paul McMahon, Padraig Higgins, Michael Carter, Mark Owens, Brian Lowe, John Moriarty, Iain Brereton, Don Baker, Ollie Farrell, Con Brogan and Lisa Warren.
Since I joined the committee a new job came my way which is a challenge still, and then a couple of time sponge rug rats arrived on the scene. So I have no spare time left to even fly, never mind serve on a committee. So thankfully there are a some new members joining the committee which Paul I am sure will fill you all in on. So I thank them also.
I will continue to be a very enthusiastic Microlight pilot and look forward to meeting many of you at Flyin’s and airfields around the country this summer. You will know me, an Adam Leadley cast off Blue Pimped XL Trike with a Black and White wing, leaving a Two Stroke trail across the Sky. I have made some amazing friends by being a Microlight Pilot and spending time with the NMAI Committee, and I will always support the NMAI and the Committee.

Keep up the great work guys.

Damien Minnock.

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Thank you to the NMAI Committee.
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