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 Upcoming EGM Please read

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PostSubject: Upcoming EGM Please read   Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:42 am

Firstly, the committee of the NMAI would like to apologise to members for not recieving the Newsletter but for the past few months all of the committee time has been spent in ongoing engagement with the IAA on Personell Licencing issues.

After 7 years of negotiations but, more particularly an intensive campaign over the past 2 years to get more reasonable licencing requirements, we have come to the conclusion that reasonable argument and debate, supported by accident statistics, data and safety cases compiled by the NMAI and presented to the IAA, are getting us nowhere.

It is therefore our intention to step up the campaign!

Please keep an eye on your post for a letter arriving shortly containing details of an upcoming EGM on this matter.

It's YOUR sport...................Please support it!

All the best
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Upcoming EGM Please read
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