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 Support YOUR sport

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PostSubject: Support YOUR sport   Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:46 pm

We now have most of Europe supporting our action on Monday. They will obviously not be able to attend the picket but 3 other Recreational Aviation Organisations will.

If Europe can support Irish Recreational flying and in particular, Irish Microlighting, then we need to show them that we support it ourselves.

We have 1 chance to make an impact. YOU have 1 chance to make a difference. Your support on Monday is essential.

NMAI are hosting the European Microlight Federation working conference in Dublin this weekend and we have invited journalists to talk to the delegates from 24 EU countries.

They will do their part. You need to do yours. If we dont support each other now then we will never have the right to complain about the regulations in the future.

Play your part on Monday...............It's YOUR Sport...............Please support it!

All the best
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Support YOUR sport
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