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 Aircraft for Familiarisation Day

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PostSubject: Aircraft for Familiarisation Day   Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:34 am

This notice concerns people who have already submitted paperwork for their aircraft in particular but also those who have yet to submit paperwork.

Most people have just submitted the BMAA Certificate of Validation which is required and not the actual permit to fly for the aircraft. The IAA have informed us that this is insufficient and that the actual Permit needs to be submitted in addition to the Certificate of Validation.

If you have omitted to submit the permit could you please scan and e-mail it asap to either myself or Padraig as time is now running short with the Familiarisation Day planned for this coming Sunday. It would be a shame to have 40+ pilots validated just to find that the aircraft aren't on the day.

Thanks to everyone for submitting paperwork. Apart from everything else it shows great support for your Association and your sport.

All the best
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Aircraft for Familiarisation Day
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